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We've been passionate about serving our community for over two decades strong. With an unwavering commitment to quality work, attention to detail and a solid reputation that speaks for itself, we've been paving the way through our industry. We are headquartered in Westport, CT but service all of Fairfield County and surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you on your next project. Thank you for choosing H&L Paving as your preferred local paving contractor in Westport.
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Looking for a new driveway, asphalt work, seal coating or repair? We can help! With over 20 years of experience, H&L Paving is here to get the job done right and on time. Call us today to schedule your free estimate.



From commercial parking lots, roads and private driveways, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. We have the team and the tools to get any job done no matter how big or small it may be. Call us today!



We do it all from paving, driveways, private roads, parking lots, asphalt, gravel, seal coating, patios, snow removal and all types of repairs. Call our Westport office to learn more.

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When you work with H&L Paving of Westport, CT you can be assured we’ll deliver the expected outcome. We strive to deliver quality and value on every project we put our name on.

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HL Paving Of Westport CT has been serving Fairfield County for over two decades. We specialize in Asphalt Paving, Seal Coating, Masonry Work, Crack Repairs, Concrete Work, Snow Plowing and more. We provide both residential and commercial services throughout Westport CT and Fairfield County. We are experts in driveways, roads and parking lots. If you would like to schedule a free estimate, please call our Westport office at: 203-805-8003 to speak with one of our trained professionals about your project. We service the entire county and are headquartered in Westport, CT, but also service Wilton, Weston, Fairfield, Trumbull, Monroe, Easton, Norwalk, Darien, Greenwich and New Canaan! Whatever your paving needs, H&L Paving of Westport can tackle the job no matter how big or small. We take tremendous pride in quality, detail and providing value above all. Let H&L Paving work with you on your next project! Call us to learn more or to set up your free consultation.

Paving Contractor West Port CT  – H&L Paving & Sealcoating


H&L Paving & Sealcoating is one of the premier paving contractors and sealcoating specialists here in Westport, Connecticut. We have both the equipment and expertise to handle any kinds of paving and sealcoating needs that homeowners and business owners of Fairfield County in need of. We are your reliable paving contractor here in Westport, CT, and its neighboring communities. When you hire us as your paving and sealcoating partner, you can expect high-quality service and results that fit not only on your budget but also on your schedule. We have the driveway paving and sealcoating solutions you need, from a simple footpath, driveway, to a more complex parking lot.

Here at H&L Paving & Sealcoating, we understand the fact that asphalt has become a normal part of the lives of the homeowners and business owners of Westport, CT. Asphalt pavements have added a style to our travel experience while offering both comfort and convenience. Regardless of the preferred mode of transport, whether driving, cycling, or even walking, asphalt pavements have played a crucial role in your day to day activities. In fact, most experts and property owners would agree, that asphalt pavement is not just a versatile solution but it is likewise a great investment for any property, be it residential or commercial. Seeing that, H&L Paving & Sealcoating is more than happy to help you attain the convenience and increased value that asphalt pavements could contribute to your property in Westport.

As an expert paving contractor and sealcoating specialist, we assure every homeowners and business owners a high-quality service when it comes to paving and sealcoating needs. We are capable of offering any paving and sealcoating services, including but not limited to driveway sealcoating in Westport ct, parking lot striping, pavement installation and so much more. Such a guarantee of excellence and great customer satisfaction is made possible by our expertise and experts at our disposal. Our paving and sealcoating technicians are highly competent and trained to address any concerns or desires you may have concerning asphalt pavement and sealcoating needs.

Before we deploy our team to your property, we have sorted the best among the best, while providing them further trainings and seminars to improve and hone their innate skills. Thus, resulting in a competent, reliable, and trustworthy asphalt pavement technicians, installers, and project managers. Similarly, to complement the knowledge and skills of our service personnel, we also provide them with the best equipment there is in the paving and sealcoating industry. Similar to the inputs and lectures we provide during downtime periods, the equipment we give to our personnel are of top-notch quality, capable of delivering the best paving and sealcoating solution to your property.

In the same manner, to enhance the quality service we deliver as one of the best paving contractor and sealcoating specialist here in Fairfield County, we make use only of the best and reliable paving and sealcoating materials. We select the top-quality brands in the paving and sealcoating industry to avoid untimely deterioration and to assure most aesthetically pleasing result in every paving and sealcoating undertaking we put ourselves into. Moreover, we are also highly coveted and trusted by homeowners and property owners of Westport, Connecticut as their go-to paving contractor and sealcoating expert, because we are:

  • Accredited, Licensed, & Insured
  • Known for Our Professionalism & Honesty
  • Offering the Affordable Residential & Commercial  Services
  • Respected Name When It Comes to Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating

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Residential and Commercial Paving & Asphalt Services You Can Trust


Through our constant innovation and dedication towards excellence, we are able to offer reliable and high-sought paving and sealcoating services. Some of the services you may benefit from include:


  • Full-Service Concrete Work

  • Snow Plowing and Removal

  • Full Asphalt Reclamation, Grading and Paving Services

  • Complete Package Parking Lot Marking & Striping


Here in Westport, CT homeowners trust us for their sealcoating and paving needs. That is why we give great emphasis on excellent service and commitment. We are committed to delivering the best results to you, our valued clients. In order to give you the best, we have decided to expand our services which mainly includes our core services such as paving, excavation, sealcoating, and parking lot striping. We are a dependable contractor that can easily adapt to your needs. For that matter, we have also included services such as concrete work, masonry work, snow plowing, and so much more. Anything that concerns your driveways, pavements, footpath, path walk, residential or commercial needs, H&L Paving & Sealcoating is ready to adjust and provide a customized solution to any of your unique paving and sealcoating problems.

We are a firm believer that communication is one of the keys to attain success in every activity or project we undertake. That is why we encourage you to contact us immediately for any concerns, queries, or even suggestions you may have. Contact Us Today as our friendly customer service representatives are on standby waiting to help you with your sealcoating and paving needs.

Westport is located along within Gold Coast in Fairfield County, Connecticut, along with Long Island Sound. In this  approximately 33.45 square meters total land area, we are conveniently located amongst:

We have dedicated all our resources in serving almost the entire area of Fairfield Connecticut, leaving satisfied customers throughout the area. We have a central office located in:


H&L Paving & Sealcoating    

611 Riverside Ave Westport, CT 06880    

(203) 805-8003

Information About Westport, Connecticut   


Westport is among the affluent urban town of Fairfield County.  Situated on the southwestern part of the State of Connecticut, right along Long Island Sound, this town offers various fun and activities to both visitors and residents. Tracing back its history, it is believed that settlers arrived in the area at around 1648. Fast-forward to the 20th century, Westport has been known for having its own “artists and writers colony. Aside from that the town of Westport CT, is also known for its many successful icons, from actors to business executives.

With the passing of time, the what was once a farming town has started to industrialize itself, leading for farmers to sell their lands. Thus, starting the change from a farmers’ community to a suburban community. This development has led to the improvements in various infrastructures and the popularity of asphalt pavements. With the various constructions and development happening in Westport CT, paving contractors and sealcoating specialists and other general construction contractors have thrived in the area of Fairfield County. The demand for asphalt pavements and sealcoated driveways have been addressed by a great number of asphalt, concrete paving contractors and sealcoating specialist, resulting in the maintenance and improvement of the town’s properties.

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