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For over 20 years H&L Paving & Sealcoating has been providing the best paving and sealcoating service to the people of Westport, CT. As one of the areas asphalt paving contractor and sealcoating specialist we are responsible for the installation, repair & replacement, and restoration & maintenance of the asphalt pavements of residential and commercial properties, not just for safety and navigability, but most also for the increased value and aesthetic appeal of the said properties.

Over two decades ago, our company started its operation in Fairfield County, CT with the goal of rendering impeccable paving and sealcoating services to the homeowners in the area, particularly in Westport, Connecticut. With our constant innovation and updating not just of equipment and materials, but also of skills and knowledge, we have managed to expand and extend our services to commercial property owners of Westport and its nearby communities. Thus, making us as one of the highly sought full-service paving and sealcoating company of Fairfield County, CT.