July 23, 2018

Tips on Choosing a Reliable Paving Contractor in Westport CT

Reliable Paving Contractor in Westport, Connecticut

H&L Paving & Sealcoating is a premier sealcoating and asphalt paving contractor Westport CT that provides a wide range of asphalt services. With our years of experience in the construction business, we have managed to expand our services to cater the needs of homeowners and business owners for a reliable and durable asphalt pavement here in Westport, Connecticut.

Through our constant improvement, in terms of technical knowledge and equipment, we are able to provide the best and most complete paving solutions for your property; this includes but not limited to the preparation of the ground, treatment or removal of the existing pavement surface, application of high-quality asphalt and final surface preparation. Regardless of the size and complexity of your paving project, our team of expert technicians and project managers can handle any asphalt pavement needs or demands you may have.

It is of great importance that when it comes to pavement projects, you should partner with an experienced and knowledgeable pavement contractor. The workmanship that experts offer, like H&L Paving & Sealcoating, goes beyond functionality, for experts like us also consider safety and aesthetics in every pavement or sealcoating project we undertake. For that matter, we are able to provide the best asphalt pavement services, including not just the installation, repair, and maintenance of your asphalt pavements, but also asphalt removal & replacement, asphalt for new construction, overlays, petromat overlays, and patching

Here at H&L Paving & Sealcoating, we attribute our success and the continued support of the homeowners and business owners of Westport, Connecticut to our impeccable work ethic that is complemented by our rigid planning and passion for authentic service. No matter the demand, scope, and uniqueness of the project, you can be assured that with H&L Paving & Sealcoating, our team of experts has already figured out the ins and outs of the asphalt pavement project. Since our inception, we do not simply leave our work performance to chance, for we always see to it that our tasks are performed to your exacting preference and to the standard set by the industry, both for safety and functionality.  

Aside from aforementioned factors, we remain to be one of the highly sought asphalt pavement contractors here in Westport, Connecticut because of our dedication to excellence and service. In particular, people trust  H&L Paving & Sealcoating because of our (we are):

  • Experience, Expertise, Equipment
  • Professional Integrity & Transparency in Every project we undertake
  • Reasonable Price and Justifiable Turnaround time
  • Highly Flexible and easy to deal with

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Your Trusted Residential & Commercial Paving Expert in Fairfield County, CT


When it comes to cost-efficiency and comfortability in driving, asphalt pavements are the top choice of business owners and homeowners. Aside from the convenience and affordability of asphalt as a material for your driveways or parking lot, asphalt pavement has also been known to be safe, especially when properly installed by an expert. With the asphalt mixture and proper installation method provided by an expert like H&L Paving & Sealcoating, homeowners and business owners like you can expect increased safety for traffic regardless of the season and weather condition. Apart from the aforementioned reasons, we are also highly sought for asphalt paving because of:



With our dedication to excellent service and customer satisfaction, we have managed to gain the approval of our peers and industry experts. We always see to it that we provide not just a solution, but the best asphalt paving solution for homeowners and business owners of Westport, Connecticut. Thus, resulting in the recognition and approval from experts and authorities alike.  


The approvals we have received from industry leaders and authorities mainly spring forth from the positive reviews and recommendations of our previous and current asphalt paving customers. They have shared online their great experience with us, while they allow us to work on their driveways, parking lots, and other asphalt pavement surfaces. With the internet as their platform, reviews abound online including but not limited to Google Reviews.

Free Inspection & Estimate

Unlike other asphalt paving contractors, H&L Paving & Sealcoating is well-aware that budget is needed for any asphalt pavement project, which is why we offer Free Inspection cost and Estimate for any asphalt paving service you may need. The estimate we provide is free from any obligation and has no pressure at all. We want you to be well-informed before you proceed with any asphalt paving project, which is why we provide a detailed report after inspection for free.

Ease of Contact

We understand that in order for your business any property to look good and more inviting, asphalt paving services are necessary. For an increased home value, a precise asphalt pavement maintenance will be helpful enough. For that matter, we extend our professional asphalt paving services to you. Simply dial (203) 805-8003 for more details of our service or visit us at 611 Riverside Ave Westport, CT 06880. Contact Us Today!