August 22, 2018

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When it comes to sealcoating in Westport CT and paving services, H&L Paving & Sealcoating is the top go-to sealcoating contractor of property owners, especially by business owners in need of professional commercial sealcoating services. With over 20 years of experience as a sealcoating and paving specialist, H&L Paving & Sealcoating offers not just our experience, but also our expertise and latest equipment for a reliable, efficient, and affordable sealcoating services here in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Similar to residential sealcoating and paving services, commercial sealcoating services is likewise highly suggested by professional sealcoating and paving contractors because of its known benefits. If you would like to maintain the functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal of your commercial asphalt pavements such as your parking lot it would be beneficial to go with a professional sealcoating company here in Westport, Connecticut.  

If you are thinking of applying the sealcoat by yourself, you may do so. However, there is no assurance of its effectivity and efficiency. You have to understand that sealcoating project, especially a commercial sealcoating task is labor-intensive, and usually messy most of the time. Although DIY sealcoating might be ideal for some commercial and residential property owners, it is not practical and even considered unsafe for untrained personnel. For that matter, if you want prompt, practical, and efficient sealcoating service to your commercial pavements, including but not limited to driveways and parking lots, you should deal with an experienced asphalt sealcoating Westport, CT team, such as H&L Paving & Sealcoating.

H&L Paving & Sealcoating does not only have the resources of people, equipment, and specialized knowledge in sealcoating and paving services, but we ultimately have the experience of dealing with commercial properties. Whether you have a store, school, church, hospital, or office pavement in need of sealcoating service, you can definitely count on H&L Paving & Sealcoating to deliver excellent customer service and high level of customer satisfaction. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services!


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Complete Commercial Sealcoating Service Provider in Fairfield County, Connecticut


Aside from our excellent customer service and high level of customer satisfaction, you may also want to partner with us because of our known:

  • Professionalism & Sealcoating Industry Knowledge

  • Wide Range of Commercial & Residential Sealcoating Experience

  • Free Consultation & Estimate

  • License, Accreditation, & Insurance


Since we are a full-service sealcoating and paving company, our sealcoating service is not only limited to the application of sealcoat to your driveways, parking lots, and other asphalt pavements. For apart from the aforementioned services, you may also count on H&L Paving & Sealcoating when it comes to asphalt patching & paving, industrial asphalt coatings, crack sealing repair, catch basin replacement or repair, and other sealcoating and paving services you need.

If you really pursue excellence and productivity in your business, you should not neglect the care of the asphalt pavements on your property. For a tested and proven sealcoating service, you should contact H&L Paving & Sealcoating of Westport, Connecticut. We offer not just commercial sealcoating service, but also residential sealcoating and paving services. Call us at (203) 805-8003 or you may also visit our office centrally located at 611 Riverside Ave Westport, CT 06880. Contact Us Today!