July 23, 2018

Signs That Show Your Driveway Needs a Good Sealcoating Done

How To Know When Your Driveway Needs Sealcoating

H&L Paving & Sealcoating is a sealcoating contractor and expert that you can trust when it comes to sealcoating your driveways, parking lot, and other asphalt pavements you may have. As a sealcoating company that is locally owned and operated, we highly suggest that homeowners and business owners sealcoat their asphalt pavements, especially with the ever-changing weather condition and various harsh external elements present here in Westport, Connecticut.

When you partner with H&L Paving & Sealcoating, you will be assured that the sealcoat that we will use is of high-quality. It will serve as durable coating designed for the protection and beautification of your asphalt pavement, be it your driveway or parking lot. When you leave your asphalt pavements unprotected, you will be risking early pavement replacement or recurring asphalt pavement repair due to risk factors such as weather, oil spill, ultraviolet rays of the sun, snow, water, and other destructive fluids that are frequently deposited onto asphalt pavements on a daily basis.

When you allow H&L Paving & Sealcoating of Westport, CT to be your sealcoating project partner, you will be guaranteed not just a standard service but the best sealcoating service that is second to none including but not limited to patching, repairs, striping, commercial, and residential sealcoating. We have the expertise, equipement, experience to handle any sized projects, whether it is a residential sealcoating or commercial sealcoating need, we can deliver. Not only that our sealcoating service preserves and protects your asphalt pavements, it will also add value to your property through improved aesthetics. Furthermore more, here are few more reasons why H&L Paving & Sealcoating is the clear choice for your sealcoating needs here in Westport, CT.

  • Highly Competent & Well-Trained Sealcoating Specialists
  • Industrial Quality Equipment
  • Exceptional Sealcoating Technique & Products
  • Professional Integrity & Transparency

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Your Reliable Asphalt Maintenance Expert in Fairfield County, CT

WithH&L Paving & Sealcoating on your side, you will surely benefit from our unrivaled sealcoating services. Regardless of the size, demand, and scope of the sealcoating project you may have, we will surely handle it to the best of our ability, making it right on the first try. We are not afraid nor hesitant to go an extra-mile for every sealcoating project we undertake. We work with various properties and pavements, including apartment complexes, schools, stores, malls, homes, and other areas where pavement needs efficient and effective sealcoating. Moreover, apart from the ones listed above, we are also highly sought because of our:


Since our inception, we always strive for excellence, especially in providing homeowners and business owners the best sealcoating service there is. That is why industry leaders and authorities have recognized our work of excellence through accreditations and certifications they have given us.


The accreditations we have is just another part of the appraisals we get from the community. Apart from industry leaders and authorities, previous and current sealcoating clients have also shared their thoughts about our sealcoating services and how we perform them. Reviews and comments are proliferating online, including Google Reviews and other social media platforms.

Free Inspection & Estimate

When dealing with any project, be it sealcoating or asphalt paving project, information is the key for better judgment. And to somehow remove the burden of acquiring the necessary details for your sealcoating needs, we provide Free Inspection and Estimate to the homeowners and business owners of Westport, CT. The estimate we deliver is complemented by a report about the status of your asphalt pavement and the necessary repair or maintenance it would need. Hence, giving you a clearer picture of your exact sealcoating needs.

Ease of Contact

We understand that you want to avoid early pavement replacement or recurring repair, which is why H&L Paving & Sealcoating extends our expertise and experience to your home or business. Although asphalt material may look robust and enduring, it can still be susceptible to damages, which is why sealcoating is a must for every property that has asphalt pavement, such as your driveway and parking lot. To know more of what we offer and what we can do to your property, you may contact us at (203) 805-8003 or simply visit us at 611 Riverside Ave Westport, CT 06880. Contact Us Today!