Adding Value To Your Home

H&L Paving and Sealcoating

The principle of selling a home is similar to selling any object with an intrinsic value, you have to bear in mind the fact that their are others selling a comparable object in the same area as you are. Much like buying or selling a car, what vehicle would you be more inclined to pay more for, one that runs fine but has a faded and flaked paint coat or one that runs just as well and is nice and shiny?

Take this concept one step further and rather than just replace the concrete driveway consider some upgrade such as a stamped or paved border or even a paved drive way that adds the benefit of a dynamic appearance as well as a permeable surface to reduce storm water run-off.

Now you have just set your home above the comparable’s in the market and justified a higher asking price. Adding a new concrete driveway will greatly increase your home’s curb appeal which could potentially make your home sell FASTER.

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